Pyritized Ammonite Weights

Pyrite or “Fools Gold” is an iron sulphide that occasionally - under unique geochemical conditions - covers or replaces prehistoric creatures and plants, transforming them into incredible fossils with a gold-like lustre.

Pyritized fossils tell us a lot about the past environments of our planet. Research indicates that prehistoric animals that become pyritized, such as trilobites and ammonites, were rapidly buried under ocean sediments that were low in organic matter. In this case there would not be a lot of decaying material present. Another important condition was anaerobic seawater – the water was low in dissolved oxygen.

These stunning pieces are set on textured brass on 2g distressed coils and hang a total of 4". Do note that these are a matched pair, not mirrored.

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Unless otherwise noted, prices are for one pair.
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Pyritized Ammonite Weights
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