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Robot Piercing & Tattoo

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth...

ROBOT Piercing & Tattoo opened its doors on January 1, 2004 in Portland, Oregon. ROBOT was born out of a desire to bring body art back to its roots — beauty and self-expression through adornment.

We have evolved like the Cylons over the years. We are a woman owned (and operated, for the most part), and thrive to be a super queer friendly space. We do everything we can to create a safe space for people to express themselves and celebrate and adorn their bodies!

Custom tattoos by Austin Rose , Renee Nies and an assortment of guest artists – check out their portfolios here. Piercing by Jo Case,  Zack Weiss and  occasionally Tracy Faraca. We do our best to answer all your questions and to help you decide what's the best choice for you – getting pierced or tattooed is fun but a very personal choice. We're all licensed with the state of Oregon and are dedicated to making your experience a great one. We were voted best piercing shop in Portland by the Willamette Week in 2006!

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