Hanging Shapes

Hanging Shapes
for Stretched Earlobes

Silver, Stone, Wood, Glass and more

The hanging shapes category consists of all different materials that have been carved or worked into organic shapes. Many are based on animals, nature in general, or are just plain abstract. Large or small, they're all pretty fancy.

If you're currently stretching your lobes, or "gauging" them as the kids say these days, we recommend that you stick to using glass or steel since these materials are non-porous and won't damage or tear your flesh. But once you're all healed you can start wearing whatever you want - we're here to help you with that!

Hanging Shapes: view all Hanging Shapes...
Areng Square Spirals Areng Square Spirals $50.00 — $100.00
Areng Wood Black Dragons Areng Wood Black Dragons $50.00 — $100.00
Metal Shapes: view all Metal Shapes...
Steel Goddess Steel Goddess $80.00 — $90.00
Steel Nadas Steel Nadas $45.00 — $80.00
Steel Nines Steel Nines $60.00 — $70.00
Steel Swan Spirals Steel Swan Spirals $90.00 — $100.00
Wood Shapes: view all Wood Shapes...
Areng Wood Manowar Areng Wood Manowar $90.00 — $95.00
Areng Wood Tapeworm Areng Wood Tapeworm $65.00 — $95.00
Areng Wood Wings Areng Wood Wings $45.00 — $80.00