Plugs & Gauges

Plugs and Gauges
for Stretched Earlobes

Silver, Stone, Wood, Glass and more

We have an amazing selection of plugs and gauges for the stretched earlobe community. We strive to keep all sizes in stock, from the very small and dainty to the 1 inch and over set. Earlobe stretching is a traditional adornment that is practiced all over the world, from Africa to Borneo, indigenous peoples have been rocking stretched lobes for centuries.

If you're currently stretching your lobes, or "gauging" them as the kids say these days, we recommend that you stick to using glass or steel since these materials are non-porous and won't damage or tear your flesh. But once you're all healed up you can start wearing whatever you want - we're here to help you with that!

Wood Plugs: view all Wood Plugs...
Olivewood Plugs Olivewood Plugs $25.00 — $60.00
Pink Ivory Plugs Pink Ivory Plugs $35.00 — $70.00
Lignum Vitae Wood Plugs Lignum Vitae Wood Plugs $25.00 — $85.00
Organic Plugs: view all Organic Plugs...
Dig Horn plugs Dig Horn plugs $60.00 — $90.00
Horn Chaos Star Inlay Plugs Horn Chaos Star Inlay Plugs $40.00 — $60.00
Horn Cut Out Heart Plugs Horn Cut Out Heart Plugs $45.00 — $80.00